The 2016 Way to Wear Denim on Denim

Lauren Eggertsen

The good old Canadian tuxedo is nothing new in the world of fashion, but since there are continuously new denim trends coming and going, the overall denim on denim look is sure to get a makeover as well. This season, frayed and raw-hem denim is the most popular way to wear your jeans in every shape and form from your jackets down to your mini skirts. The key to making a denim on denim look feel fresh and completely on-trend (drumroll please) is to make sure at least one of your denim pieces contains a raw or frayed hem. 

This new take on an old trend gives your overall look more texture, as it breaks up the double denim with an interesting finish. Adding this distressed element instantly gives your outfit the edgy feel it needs, not to mention acts almost as it's own third piece, giving you that extra needed element for a cohesive ensemble. 

Keep reading to see a variation of the new way to wear denim on denim outfits and to shop them out for yourself! 

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