This Direct-to-Consumer Brand Sells the Coolest Sustainable Pieces

Nicole Akhtarzad

While many responsibly produced clothing lines exist, and there are certainly a number of direct-to-consumer brands out there, no one line has yet to marry the two concepts quite like Datura, an aspirational, inspirational, and attainable clothing line based out of New York. The relatively young brand (it debuted in 2013) is like an online treasure chest of statement-making basics you can wear year-round.

From beautiful mohair sweaters to convertible robe dresses that can be worn as coats, every special yet wearable item on the site is made with slow fashion practices. To prove it, you can check out their Member Style campaigns where a collection of real girls, which casually includes the likes of mega-blogger Gala Gonzalez and model/shoe designer Mari Guidicelli, show how they wear Datura’s pieces in their stylish daily lives.

To tell us more about the brand, we recently tapped Stefania Borras, its co-founder and creative director, who, luckily, answered all of our most pressing questions.

Scroll through to read the full interview, and then continue to shop our top picks from Datura!

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