Dad Jeans Are Now a Thing

Michelle Scanga

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We’ll cut to the chase here because we know you’re curious. Dad jeans (translation: loose, light-wash jeans one’s dad may or may not have worn in the early ’90s… or now—we’re not judging) are the latest “normal” clothing item to turn fashion-y and cool. With the idea of “dad dressing” being a thing and the combination of all things throwback and retro on the return, we now have dad jeans. Think a mix of the new normcore meets vintage, but put a 2018 twist on it. Is your head spinning yet? Let the jean style speak for itself and check out the brands leading the dad-jean trend below.

We’re into the idea of styling the relaxed jean style with a fitted top and heels for a chill evening look and a colourful sweater and—dare we say it—dad sneakers for a laid-back weekend outfit.

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