13 Sweaterdresses to Transition Into Autumn


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February is nearly over, and we can see autumn just beyond the horizon. And just like that, transitional dressing season will have officially begun. For the moments when your favourite chunky sweater is a little too bulky, reach for that sweaterdress. The knitwear piece will provide the right amount of warmth without getting too constricting once the temperatures start to rise.

This sleek alternative is a game changer when you’ve got a bit of cabin fever and yearn for spring. Wearing a dress that doubles as a comfortable sweater, you’ll find so much versatility that you won’t ever want to take it off. Bundle yourself up in this cosy knit style with creative layers when you’re expecting a snowstorm, and once the ice begins to melt, wear the piece on its own or with a light jacket. These dresses will be the hero piece of your transitional wardrobe. Shop our favourites below. 

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