31 Cute Summer Bags That Feel Primed for a Vacation

That summer feeling is in the air, which means there's also the inescapable urge to start planning a relaxing getaway stat—that is, if you didn't already book your 2022 summer trip a year in advance. (I'm definitely in the procrastinator category, for what it's worth.) I would argue that the most fun part of planning a vacation is imagining all the cute outfits you could be wearing depending on the destination. And your outfit is never complete with a bag, of course. 

Whether you're going to a more central city like Paris or London or to a beachside location like Lisbon or Positano, I rounded up 31 cute summer bags that are longing to be packed in your suitcase and brought along for the ride. There's everything from straw top-handles to sleek crochet baguette bags and mini bags to woven leather crossbody styles. No matter what warm-weather outfits you're neatly packing—or more likely sloppily throwing—into your luggage, you'll definitely find a bag or two here that'll go with your vacation looks. Keep scrolling to see for yourself. 

The summer version of a trendy baguette bag. 

Check patterns aren't going anywhere, folks! 

The contrast of the black leather and studs with the natural material will definitely catch people's eyes. 

A simple blue croc-embossed bag is a no-brainer at this price. 

This top-rated cottagecore-inspired style is for those who only need their phones. 

This half-moon shape is so pretty, no? 

A fringe top-handle style will catch the summer breeze. 

This pull-through design has an almost-perfect five-star rating.

Jacquemus is a brand that's basically synonymous with summer, and this new shape is going to be everywhere.

A bucket bag is always a must for a summer vacation. 

A bright-pink bag like this is made to be the center of attention. 

Or how about a subtler take on a logo bag? The color combo of the cream crochet and rich brown straps is irresistible. 

A longer tote like this will definitely fit a rolled-up towel or two. 

A fisherman bag you can hold at the top or wear over your shoulder is a classic summer style. 

Channel the season with this sunny hue. 

Wear this shoulder bag with other bright colors for a maximalist look or opt to wear it with a white tee and cutoffs to make it really stand out. 

The texture of this tote is so dreamy. 

A black leather bag might not seem like the most summery style, but one as timeless as this will go a long way and pair with any outfit. 

This crochet bag is actually made of jersey for an unexpected material. 

You can totally see yourself accessorizing with this marble-looking bag for a fancy summer soirée, right? 

This tote has that perfect worn-in look and feel thanks to the grainy leather. 

Yes, it's pricey, but you can't have a summer bag roundup and not include this Coperni masterpiece. 

A cute gingham tote will hopefully make up for having to schlep all your beach supplies. 

Loewe's newest iteration of the raffia bag. Isn't she stunning? 

There's also this raffia clutch if you don't need to bring a lot with you. 

The handle and multicolored design of this bag are so tempting. It'll also lie flat in any bag, so it's easy to pack on your trip.

If you want to show off your cute phone case, sunscreen, keychain, and lipgloss, then this mesh bag is for you. 

Complement sun-kissed skin with this slightly shimmery tote. 

Absolutely in love with the colors of this raffia tote. 

If you're really in the mood to splurge, this Paco Rabanne bag mixes its signature chain mail with natural raffia—the best of both worlds. 

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