This Is the Cosiest Shoe Trend


Sandra Semburg

Let’s be honest—at the end of the day, one of the greatest feelings is kicking off your heels and sliding into your cosiest house slippers. But what if you could wear the comfortable shoe all day long? Luckily you can, because these plush slides aren’t reserved for lounging around in your living room anymore.

The growing trend of comfortable fashion keeps getting better, and these slippers are proof. Instead of putting pressure on the balls of your feet with a pair of pumps or boots, opt for a set of loafers or fuzzy sandals to keep your toes feeling great all day long.

What's best about this modern twist on the traditional house slipper is that it's meant to be seen. From eye-catching embellished slides to minimalist loafers and mules, there’s a style that’ll work for you and your wardrobe. Of course, once you start wearing these, you won’t ever want to take them off. Shop our favourites below!

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