3 Complicated Underwear Trends That Are Now a Thing

Michelle Scanga

Tuesday, September 18th, and this marks the day I wrote my 15th (ok, that’s a ballpark number) lingerie-related story in the past 40 days. This new passion of mine was discovered by accident after writing this piece on how a lingerie trend weirdly made me feel happier. I had a good time researching and preparing the story and turns out you too, our lovely readers are also intrigued by all things lingerie. Since then, I’ve sort of become our non-official in-house lingerie trend reporter, and by my surprise too, undergarment trends bubble up more often than one would think.

Last month I shared the cage underwear trend, (yes made me laugh too but you’re lying if you say you’re not intrigued!), it’s a style several brands are designing (Rihanna even supported the look in her latest Savage x Fenty collection last week in New York). Another new lingerie trend I recently discovered is sweetheart strapless bras, an updated take on your simple bandeau. Among these, I’ve also seen a fair share of “complicated” trends pop up in the lingerie world. Which brings me to today’s piece where I’m highlighting all the super extra underwear styles that have become a thing this year. Keep reading to learn about and shop the complicated yet cute lingerie trends.

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