I'm Living in Dresses This Holiday Season—13 That Get All the Compliments



These days, it seems like I spend half of my time in a dress. With a calendar full of various holiday events—from large-scale fashion parties to small gatherings with friends—this month has been a never-ending roller coaster of social soirées. It takes a lot of shopping and outfit coordination to come out each time with a thrilling look, but I also get a little help from my collection of dresses

It's been said before, but a dress is the definition of a sartorial shortcut. Sure, you need to find the right boots and accessories to complement it, but that certainly beats dreaming up an entire outfit from scratch. For my holiday wardrobe, I've been rotating through a selection of cheerful and elevated power dresses that steal the show every time. Read ahead to see my Rolodex of compliment-inducing dresses, from magnificent minis to pretty printed pieces, and how the fashion set is styling them.



Here's how to look festive without spelling it out with a capital "F." This shade of forest green feels appropriate for the holidays but has a shelf life beyond the month.

For the low-key holiday dresser, here's an option I can't recommend enough. (I love it so much it's named after me.) With a jazzy faux-fur coat and tall metallic boots, this dress is a winner for your next event.

We're back to prints, and might I say this one is super eye-catching. The pattern is sure to make every guest take notice.

This dress is such a stunner that I implore you to buy it in both colors. 



This rich shade of marigold will work for any holiday soirées you have now and months later when spring rolls around. To keep it festive, I advise pairing this with black suede heeled boots.

The black and white color-blocking really elevates this all around. 



I'm not one for minidresses, but consider that rule broken. With embellished tights and platform heels, it's a trendy way to be creative with your holiday look.

Maxi dresses are having a big moment, which is glorious considering how cold it is right now. 



Minimalists out there will love this classic slip dress with a twist. I also keep a dress like this on standby because it can work in so many ways.

Who said shirtdresses aren't formal? Style this with colorful strappy heels and you're set.

I just can't get enough of this dress. I'm excited to wear it to my friend's Christmas party next week.

If you find yourself in a tropical climate this winter, I have just the dress for you. Another plus: It's on sale.

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