The Cute Hiking Outfits Celebrities Wear

Allyson Payer

In the hills of Los Angeles, hiking is very much a social activity. It's perfectly normal to meet a friend for a hike at Runyon (as in Runyon Canyon Park, the unofficial "hiking hot spot" for fitness-minded Angelenos). If you've ever been on one, you probably know that finding cute hiking outfits takes a little more effort than finding, say, a cute outfit to wear to yoga class. You need to think about the outdoor temperature, protecting your skin from the sun, and having an extra layer in case it gets chilly.

As you're probably aware if you've ever scrolled through Instagram, some of the most devoted hikers are celebrities, and they clearly put thought into what they wear on a hike, as paparazzi are often awaiting their imminent arrival on the trail. Accordingly, we found a slew of examples of celebrities in their cutest hiking outfits to provide you with a little inspo. While you'd probably want to be a little more prepared for the wilderness if you're doing a strenuous hike, these looks will do just fine if you're not faced with navigating steep terrain.

Read on to see them all and shop some of our favourite hiking gear.

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