The #1 Bikini Style I Plan on Living in This Summer

There's certainly no shortage of daring and innovative swim trends to choose from. String bikinis, high-cut (and we mean high) bikini bottoms, and itty bitty bikinis that cover only the bare minimum will be everywhere this summer. But as much as I've created an entire career out of tracking and trying trends, there's just one swimsuit habit I can't kick: the high-rise bikini.

The retro-style swimsuit is more varied than you would think. It too comes in an array of barely there tops, high-cut legs, cool prints, and cutouts. I applaud all those brave enough to adopt the loincloth trend, but as for me, I'll take the comfort of having some added coverage. Ahead, shop 25 cute versions of the bikini silhouette I just can't quit.

Shop the matching Honey High-Waisted Bikini Bottom ($42).

As a member of the small-busted ladies club, I love seeing the underwire bra top still flourish. It's great for additional lift and support.

Shop the matching Frida Bikini Bottoms ($100).

High-waisted cuts can even come with familiar side-tie bottoms.

Shop the matching Carmen Bottom ($92).

Would go through literal hoops and bounds to have this chic set.

Shop the matching Classic High Rise Bottom ($45).

The French Riviera is calling our names.

Shop the matching Mandalay Bikini Bottoms ($68).

The swimsuit equivalent of an LBD.

Shop the marching Second Wave Retro High-Waisted Bikini Bottom ($33).

This simple swimsuit is given new life with a bold and playful rainbow pattern.

Shop the matching Barcelona Bottom ($112).

The more like actual clothing my bathing suit looks, the better.

This cute mismatched set is a lesson in how to style together different-colored separates.

Shop the matching Annie Bottom ($88).

The swimsuit seen 'round the influencer world

Shop the matching High Waist Bikini Bottom ($32).

A square-neck top adds some much needed support for larger busts.

Shop the matching Indie Bottom ($99).

What did I say about my swimsuits looking like clothing? Yes and yes.

Shop that matching Isabella Bikini Bottom ($80).

Excuse me while I start looking up one-way flights to the Caribbean. 

Shop the matching Surfrider Bottom ($49).

The front-tie keyhole design is just the subtle detail this kiwi-green cutie deserves.

Shop the matching Wallflower Bikini Bottoms ($105).

I'm getting strong Ursula Andress vibes, and I'm here for it.

Shop the matching Ribbed High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom ($18).

You don't always have to go all-out with your prints and colors. Sometimes, a plain white bikini works best.

Shop the matching Muliki Bottom ($122).

This proves you can make metallic sparkles work in broad daylight.

Shop the matching Metallic Jacquard Bikini Briefs ($100).

Finally, a swimsuit set I can feel comfortable walking around in during my après-swim activities.

Shop the matching XO Ribbed High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom ($18).

XO, indeed. This capped-sleeve set is giving me heart eyes.

Shop the matching Cross High Waist Bikini Bottom ($29).

They always say to dress for the job you want. Can we also dress for the tropical vacation we want?

Shop the matching Wrap-Front Swim Bottoms ($37).

This wrap top can take you from beach lounger to lunch table with just the addition of a wrap-front midi skirt.

Shop the matching Sybil High-Waist Bottom ($88).

You can't beat the basics.

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