Cute Gym Bags That Will Make You Want to Work Out

Hilary George-Parkin

Even for activewear aficionados—those who would rather drop $100 on a new pair of leggings than a pair of jeans and who own a dozen-plus sports bras in every colour of the rainbow—the lowly gym bag isn't always given much thought. Just look at the number of freebie canvas totes in the locker room at $35-a-pop classes and you'll see what we mean. Ultimately, though, a sturdy, stylish bag is a smart investment if you want to be working out regularly, partially because those flimsy totes do rip eventually (believe me, I speak from experience) and because they don't offer any of the extra pockets for valuables, water bottles, and more.

We've rounded up 17 duffels, totes, and backpacks that are thoughtfully designed for whatever activity you throw at them, with extra straps or sleeves for yoga mats, separate compartments for sneakers and dirty clothes, and easy-to-clean materials to make your life a little easier. Below, shop gym bags that are polished enough to carry to the office and functional enough that you'll want to use them every day.

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