Add This One Small Detail to Your Autumn Outfits


Sandra Semburg

If you’re looking in the mirror and feeling like there's just something missing with your look, there’s nothing like a cool belt to transform everything. Though the fashion set has christened the belt bag the accessory of the moment, don't give up on its humble cousin.

When wearing a slip dress or a boxy blazer, use a belt to create and accentuate your waist. Or, if you’re wearing a classic uniform such as jeans and a tee, take it to the next level with a statement belt. This is one accessory you can get creative with.

Ready to add this piece to your autumn outfit rotation? From timeless black and brown belts to statement belts with colour and rhinestones, this waist-hugging item is the perfect way to update your wardrobe in one simple step. Check out our favourites now!

When in doubt, throw on a belt! You'll refresh your entire spring wardrobe this easy add-on.

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