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Although we like to think of ourselves as strong, independent women, we are such typical girls sometimes. Case in point: in true stereotypical behaviour, we fell head-over-heels for Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar immediately after our first "Schwing!" Who would have thought that Saturday Night Live's two Midwestern basement-dwelling buds would enthrall us so much? Despite this unlikely crush, we were hopelessly captivated by this pair of "Party on" pals, in no small part because of the way they dressed.

While Wayne and Garth were probably unaware of it at the time, it's obvious they had impeccable personal style. We're not the only ones who went gaga for their grunge-lite look. How else could you explain the fact that these living-with-their-folks, horrible dancing, not-so-hot slackers could land Tia Carrere and Claudia Schiffer? The red rope licorice-eating Garth Algar grabbed our attention with his geeky style of plaid button-downs over concert tees, faded denim worn with Doc Martens, all pulled together with Buddy Holly glasses. Wayne Campbell always kept it cool with his signature thrashed jeans, black t-shirts, and black-on-black trucker hats. In addition to their excellent fashion sense, Wayne and Garth also were good-hearted guys and always won in the end-a mega-hit show, a baby blue AMC Pacer covered in flames and dubbed "The Mirth Mobile," and getting Aerosmith and Pearl Jam to headline at Waynestock-so it's no wonder we are Currently Channeling: Wayne's World!

We had a hunch that the nineties were making a comeback when we heard that our beloved Beverly Hills 90210 was getting revived (though we wish that would have gone better). The moment we saw the fall fashion shows, we knew our intuition was right! Happily, it was the grunge of the early-to-mid nineties that reappeared on the runways: lace-up boots, burnout tees, more plaid than you could shake a drum stick at, and thrashed jeans. (If you're concerned this look is just a short-lived fad, fear not! One of the hottest fashion houses, Balmain, showcased acid-washed, torn-to-shreds jeans for Spring 2009.) Of all the collections, we felt that Alexander Wang and Zucca's shows both appeared as if they came from the Wayne's World wardrobe department. Alexander Wang's ultra-thin black t-shirts, holey jeans, and black caps screamed "Wayne Campbell", while the distressed denim skirts, worn in oversized sweaters and shock rock graphic tees of Zucca directly captured the essence of Garth.

In true Who What Wear fashion, we hit the internet for the perfect products to enable you, dear readers, to really grasp the way awesome style of Wayne's World. We started with the Schoolboy Shirt ($225) by Elizabeth and James, because its ruched sleeves and back panel buttons give a girly, fitted shape to a grungy wardrobe classic. Wear it over a classic Led Zeppelin Teeicon ($26.50) from Delia's and you're guaranteed to shred "Stairway to Heaven" on your Fender Stratocaster (or Guitar Hero)! Next, we chose Topshop's Black Ripped Jeans ($90) and Alexander Wang's Baggy Denim Short($285) because we love their heavy metal-loving, slacker look. As for shoes, we felt these Chuck Taylor Grateful Dead High-Tops ($54) are a perfect (and funny) pick for moshing at an Alice Copper show. We finished with a Skull Ring ($195) from the Andy Warhol by Robert Lee Morris Collection, an A.V. Max Silver Twisted Chain Link Bracelet($27, on sale), and a pair of Buddy II Glasses ($7.99). We're sure anyone who wears them will be a true Baberham Lincoln! -Madison Robbins

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