This spring has many muses: Iris Steensma, Lux Lisbon, and now, none other than the perpetually optimistic, Pollyanna Whittier. The season's Romantic Retro vibe is alive and kicking via this Disney muse. While it's not perfectly true to the original 1913 novel, we've noticed that Pollyanna (the movie, naturally) suddenly seems very current-at least when it comes to feminine dressing.

Released in 1960 and starring Hayley Mills, the character of Pollyanna is outfitted in light-coloured, lacy frocks and girlish hair accessories. Coincidentally, we keep spying garb that seems very Currently Channeling: Pollyanna like the neck adornment at Chloe and Cavalli and the over-sized hair bow at Bottega.

Another perfect example is the cream, knee-length Joely Smock Dress by Malene Birger ($360, Net-A-Porter). The sleeveless cut, loose draping, and prim hemline are a modern twist on the classic film's wardrobe. Or you could get a little Victorian schoolmarm with these Chloe Crackle Triple Strap Flats ($615, Intermix). All this sweetness is a delightful counterpoint to that sour, sticky mood you get on a hot summer day.

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