Mary & Rhoda

All of the recent hoopla surrounding the Sex and the City movie and the second coming of Carrie Bradshaw (still stylish! still successful!) got us thinking about the o.g. fashion-forward career gal. No, we're not talking about Barbie, though that would be funny, we're referring to the incomparable Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
We didn't discover the show until a few years ago (thank you Nick @ Nite reruns), but we immediately fell in love with Mary's spunk and instantly adored Rhoda, her best friend/neighbour, too. Part of the reason for our immediate connection with the two characters was due to their amazing personal style. Mary's high-waisted super-flared denim, skinny belts worn at the natural waist, and conservative, but flirty, work dresses were extremely influential then and look completely current now. Not to mention how fresh Rhoda's gypsy/hippie ensembles-complete with piles of long necklaces and headscarves galore-still seem, decades later. The show may have ended over thirty years ago, but we're Currently Channeling: Mary and Rhoda today!

Finding the ultimate Mary-and-Rhoda-inspired items was a breeze, thanks to the numerous spring runways splashed out with the primary colours, wide lapels, and flared pants. Of all the shows that featured the early-to-mid seventies styles, the Mary Richardness of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Diane von Furstenberg particularly blew us away. The Marc by Marc Jacobs spring collection featured bowtie blouses and button-trimmed colour block dresses with the exact preppy-but-groovy feeling we wanted. Chanel offered red-and-white print suits that resemble the work wear Mary favoured, while DVF's boldly patterned headscarves and wrap dresses look like they could have been pulled from TMTMS's wardrobe department!

Using the spring runways as our inspiration point, we started looking for the perfect products to feature in our Currently Channeling. One of our first fantastic finds was a hot violet Clover Appliqué Dress ($315) from See by Chloe. It offers the exact mix of femininity and professionalism that Mary Richards always chose. We also found a budget-friendly colour block Mod Shift Dress ($24.80) at Forever 21 that is very MTM as well.

We chose the Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Colorblock Sloane Bag ($398) for its structural design and funky-bright colours-it's the perfect work tote for any young, stylish, career woman. Since Mary and Rhoda spent a lot of their time strolling the streets of downtown Minneapolis, we chose the Chie Mihara Menji Sandalicon ($315) for its easy-to-wear block heel and modern t-strap. Try a pair of the Oasis Block Heel Patent Sandals ($108) if you'd like a more wallet-friendly option. Finally we included the Solid Petal Necklace ($120) by Tuleste Market because it makes such a bold statement. We think anyone who wears this necklace will tell the world "they're gonna make it after allllll!" -Madison Robbins

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