We've looked to a number of heartwarming, coming-of-age '80s teen flicks for inspiration over the years, but there's only one cult classic that really embodies the spirit of fashion this season: Lucas. Sure, it might not be as instantly identifiable as our go-to girl-centric movies like Sixteen Candles, but this sweet movie and its all-American look are so in sync with the current runway trends. From the athletic-oriented influences seen at Alexander Wang's spring show to some geek-chic styling choices at DSquared, the spring collections were loaded with pieces that perfectly update the Lucas look.

If you need a little plot refresher to get you in the Currently Channeling spirit, we're happy to oblige. (Lucas fanatics, please feel free to skip ahead.) The movie features Corey Haim as the nerdy, 14-year-old, titular character and Charlie Sheen as Cappie, the popular football team captain. One summer, a pretty girl moves to town

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