Beverly Hills 90210

"Everyone here looks like they stepped out of a music video."
-Brenda WalshIn times of turmoil, need, or doubt, we turn to things that give us comfort. Some look to friends and family, some look to faith, but we look to the formidable force that was Beverly Hills 90210. Naturally we were overjoyed when the holidays brought us the show's The Complete First Season. While gorging on those 22 episodes from 1990, we had a thought: Spring 2007 is like so totally currently channeling 90210 season one. Seriously guys!

Our evidence? Note the oversized blazers at Paul Smith paired with little dresses (very Kelly Taylor), the purple, floppy, flower hat worn at Sportmax (a la Donna Martin), or the oversized, layered tees at DKNY with rolled-up short sleeves (Zuckerman all the way). The flowing, floral chiffon dress over electric pink footless tights shown at DVF smacks of the first season and the black-and-white striped Giles dress echoes the dress that Kelly and Brenda both wore to the Spring Dance.

The season's nod to our favourite show is an inspiration-and a relief-after Fall 2006's somber, serious palette. We're so thrilled we could march in a parade, but let's get serious. We're in Beverly Hills, and, in the words of Brandon Walsh, "Nobody's going to march anywhere, except maybe to a sale at Fred Segal." Indeed.

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