I Just Found 7 Supremely Cozy Bedsheets, and Now I Never Want To Leave My Bed

"I could use less sleep," said no one ever. Working from home may be the new normal for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean it's any easier to get in those recommended seven to nine hours each night. According to studies, 1 in 3 adults aren't getting enough sleep, and without a doubt, you could count me as apart of that sleep-deprived faction. While a diverse range of factors can impact the duration and quality of sleep, I've noticed that my bed linens play a significant role. Upgrading your mattress is a solid first step, but great-feeling bedsheets really go the extra mile to transform nights in bed. 

Along with turning down my thermostat and turning off all of my bedroom lights to create a cool, dark environment, upgrading to soft, cozy sheets have personally made a big difference in leading me to fall asleep faster, and most importantly without interruption. But of course, good bedding isn't just useful for sleeping–they've also made my bedside weekend Netflix binges all the better. 

As a home decor aficionado, I've had the pleasure of sampling some of the best bedsheets on the market. From buzzy brands Brooklinen and Parachute, to sustainably minded companies like Buffy and Coyuchi, I've pretty much tried them all. In the interest of sharing, I've compiled a list of my favorite sheet sets of all time. Since making the switch to these glorious sheets I have little urge to leave the cozy haven of my bed. Just a warning–you won't want to leave yours either. Read ahead to check out the full list along with my thoughts on each.

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

If you haven't already caught on, I take my bedding quite seriously. I've googled the topic ad nauseam, so you can say I'm quite familiar with the big players on the market. One of those is the eco-conscious company, Buffy. I've heard countless raves about their Cloud Comforter–a down alternative made out of eucalyptus fiber shell. Most if not all of the company's products are made from sustainable materials, including hemp and eucalyptus, which Buffy claims uses less water to manufacture, and has a smaller ecological footprint overall to produce. Eucalyptus instead of cotton? I was highly intrigued. I was lucky enough to receive a set, and after sleeping on them for a solid week, I was extremely impressed. It turns out Eucalyptus touts greater moisture-wicking properties than cotton, with some calling it softer than cotton. Unboxing them I noticed a super silky-feeling that felt soft to the touch. I love bundling up at night, but sometimes I also tend to run hot at night resulting in night sweats. Thankfully sleeping on these I never felt overheated or stuffy–the materials felt very cool and light on the skin. Each of the colors is naturally dyed, Oeko-Tex certified as well as hypoallergenic.  Starting at $169 the price is definitely a splurge, but think of all the money saved from buying less low-quality sheets. 

Kotn Sheet Set

Kotn's line of ethically made basics is a fashion editor favorite, and the company recently released a new line of sustainably sourced bedding. Much like their clothing, the brand's bedding collection sticks to the essentials like duvet covers and sheet sets in creamy neutral earth tones. Recently, I tried their duvet cover and Egyptian cotton 400-thread count sheets. To my surprise these weren't the hard, crispy cotton sheets I was expecting: they were extremely soft with an almost sateen-like texture. Sleeping in them felt like a warm hug I never wanted to let go of–thank goodness for sleep alarms!  After washing them, I was happy to feel that the fabric didn't lose any of its initial softness, yet they felt durable enough to withstand many cycles in the laundry. 

Parachute Brushed Cotton Fitted Sheet

Parachute is a master of all things bedding– offering everything from linen sheets to mattresses and pillows. In my quest for better sleep, I gave their brushed cotton sheets a go. Lighter than percale and heftier than jersey, they're the perfect all-season sheets to keep you moderately warm without the risk of overheating at night. To switch up my bedding from the monotony of white sheets, I opted for a golden ochre shade which completely transformed my bedroom into a sunny sanctuary. Their sheet sets weren't the only thing to impress me: Parachute's Cloud Cotton Quilt is another pick I firmly recommend if you're on the market for a bedding topper. Less bulky than your typical comforter, I truly never experienced a blanket more luxurious feeling than this; the 4-ply gauze Turkish cotton lays over you like a delicate layer of cotton candy. Yet, I was impressed by how much warmth it retained through the night. If you live in more temperate climates, use it all year round in place of a down comforter, or use it as a summer blanket during the warm season. 

Coyuchi Organic Jersey Set

Jersey sheets are a sleep essential within my bedding collection. It's like sleeping in your favorite soft t-shirt you never want to take off. Created in 1991, Coyuchi much like other bedding brands, also dabbles in apparel and bath linens. Their Organic Jersey Sheet Set did not disappoint; I threw these on during a weeklong cold snap in LA, and didn't want to leave the bed! I wanted a cozy knit bedding but didn't feel like sleeping in a heavy fabric like flannel, so opted for this jersey set instead. In addition to the great quality, I also appreciate how Coyuchi's linens are certified sustainable, with the company committed to using fair-trade cotton. Their three-season duvet insert is also the best comforter I've ever tried (and I've tried a lot!) and has dramatically improved my quality of sleep.

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

Probably one of the best-known brands on this list, Brooklinen's punchy advertisements are a constant presence on the NYC subway. The brand's tagline touts their bedsheets as the "cool side of the pillow" which instantly grabbed my attention. The magic is all due to its tight percale weaving, resulting in durable, crisp sheets that stay cool throughout the night. I loved how crisp and cool they were, but I was also relieved to feel that they didn't have the roughness of you can sometimes get with cotton. Of all the sheets I've tested these felt most similar to classic hotel sheets, so if you love that feeling of a freshly made up hotel bed, you can easily replicate that within your own space. During the fall and winter season, I like to swap with Brooklinen's heathered cashmere sheet set for a warmer, cozier alternative. As you might expect, the cashmere adds an unparalleled warmth that really comes in handy during snowy cold nights, (or when your landlord hasn't turned on the heat yet). Yes, piling is inevitable when it comes to wool fabrics, so you'll want to wash them on a gentle cycle to avoid added friction. I also suggest adding their luxuriously fluffy hypoallergenic down comforter to your cart too.

Boll & Branch Hemmed Sheet Set

Another set that captures the comfort of hotel bedsheets at home is Boll & Branch's Signature Hemmed Sheets. They're a tad softer than the crisp rigidity of percale sheets but made out of 100% cotton they're still built to stand up to long-term use. Straight out of the packaging, I noticed them to be more wrinkled than the rest of the sheets I tested, but I quickly overlooked that once I fell asleep. I would keep these specifically for use during the warmer months, but if you also run hot at night you can't go wrong here. The set is a splurge no doubt, but after washing them multiple times I didn't notice any piling or weird discoloration that I sometimes get after laundering lower-quality sheets. Changing up my pillows to Boll & Branch's luxurious down versions have also tremendously helped me fall asleep faster; every night truly feels like a resort stay.

Coyuchi Cloud Brushed Organic Flannel

In the midst of a cold snap nothing feels quite like flannel. I'll admit I had my reservations about flannel sheets–I always considered them to itchy and stifling–but these from Coyuchi is like experiencing another world. True to its name, they have a velvety airiness that really does feel like a cloud and not at all like the flannel that you're likely used to. According to Coyuchi, the brushed material also reduces piling in the wash compared to traditional flannel sheets. Also weightier, you won't need piles of additional blankets or comforters to stay warm. Slipping into these sheets at night, the coziness made me feel extremely relaxed and cozy. I'm a sucker for pretty bed linens, so I also chose their geometric Pismo blanket. Layered on my bed it looks like a cool vintage find. 

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