These 4 Affordable Fall Outfits Are the Definition of Cozy

I don't think I've worn as much loungewear in my entire life as I have in 2020 alone. Biker shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers have replaced denim, silky blouses, and strappy heels in the majority of my outfits over the past several months (and for good reason, am I right?). I don't anticipate ditching my comfy vibe any time soon, especially now that it's fall. During this season my motto is always "the cozier, the better," and this year I'm definitely not the only one.

I've noticed women on both coasts are saying, "Bring on the sweats!" and continuously styling very cool, very comfy looks. Some of my favorites as of late are ones I spotted on Julia Friedmann and Sai De Silva, who are based in California and New York, respectively. While the weather might look a little different in their cities at the moment, both women are wearing affordable leggings, joggers, and sweatshirts from JoyLab on repeat. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to wear these styles both cozied up on my couch and out for a chilly morning stroll (or run, if I'm feeling ambitious) ASAP.

Julia Friedmann: Los Angeles

I love Friedmann's L.A.-girl style, which she describes as "laid back—anything goes." She's a Pilates fanatic and looks for pieces that make her feel confident and hug all the right places, like this scoop-neck sports bra and these high-rise leggings. I'm not surprised her favorite part of this berry 'fit is the tie-dye sweatshirt. "Tie-dye in the fall just has to have dark colors and no white," she says.

This all-black sweats outfit is what Friedmann calls her lazy Sunday look. "This is what I wear when I still want to look cute but be super comfy," she says. "I love wearing joggers around the house and when I take my dog out for a walk, and these ones are so soft." Friedmann also notes that the cinched fit of her top makes it a fun alternative to her everyday hoodie.

Sai De Silva: New York City

I asked De Silva if she's a leggings or sweats girl, and her answer is both! "Leggings for workouts and sweats for lounging around the house," she tells me. I love how she transitioned this particular at-home sweatpants outfit for a little stroll around her neighborhood by adding combat boots and an oversize blazer. It's such an easy way to elevate a groutfit into a super-chic look.

When she actually plans to workout, De Silva says, "I’m a big fan of high-waisted bottoms because they’re flattering on all body types. Also, when I’m doing strength training, I like to see my muscles working, so I prefer more form-fitting silhouettes." While strength training is her exercise of choice, she's also been practicing yoga more frequently since spending so much time at home. This seamless sports bra and leggings set easily transitions her from one to the other because of it's stretchy-yet-durable nature.

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