The Easy Accessory Trend That Will Blow Up in 2017

Amanda Stavropoulos

As we look forward to 2017, what will be the biggest trends? We already know what wedding dress styles will be huge, and the #1 colour we'll be wearing, but what about accessories? Our prediction, is the waist belt corset. The recent international fashion week shows are always a good indication of what trends will go mainstream. Basically every major street style star (I.e. the ones that help determine what trends actually stick), were all sporting the corset-style belt. Christine Centenera has long been a fan of the trend (she recently styled Kim Kardashian in a slew of custom-designed corset-belts for the cover of Vogue Australia), and if we know anything, it's that whatever CC endorses, everyone else follows. 

Prada helped revive the trend in its A/W 16 collection with its Lace-Up Denim Waist Belt ($1170) that's proving to be the most popular style among those in the know (see proof once you click through). At the moment, affordable brands haven't caught on, with all the styles available coming from high-end designers, which further proves that by early next year, everyone will have caught onto this major street style trend.

Click through to see the corset-style belt styled nine different ways. 

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