This "Ugly" Trend Is Suddenly Everywhere

Kristen Nichols

I can honestly say I never thought I would want to wear a visor again in my life. It’s something I wore in the ’90s as a kid when the bright-coloured plastic versions were pretty much everywhere. But after I stopped wearing those, I never really considered them. I grew up in Arizona, and visors were the practical cousin of hats—an “ugly” accessory that I would see people wearing on hot summer days, but they never read as cool in that context.

Recently, though, I found myself contemplating one again. I spotted some fashion girls wearing their Louis Vuitton and Dior versions when I was scrolling though my Instagram, and all of a sudden, they looked stylish and cool. These were definitely not the styles I was used to seeing paired with cargo shorts and tube socks out on a hiking trail in the Arizona desert. I was convinced to try one for myself, and after a recent trip to the flea market, I quickly snapped one up. After the rise of the chunky sneakers and tracksuits and a number of other “ugly” trends, I have a feeling this is another one that will be taking off. Maybe it’ll even be the new bucket hat.

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