Every Cool Outfit to Know About This Summer

Kristen Nichols


If you were to take a look at my phone, you would find a whole folder of screenshots with outfit ideas for summer. I don’t know if it’s my eternal impulse to travel somewhere or just the idea of adding some new pieces to my closet for sunny days spent out of the office, but right now I can’t escape thoughts of beefing up my summer wardrobe for the months ahead. And yes, I’ve narrowed in on some especially cool outfits I’m interested in trying and the pieces to replicate each look.

Yes, there are some essential pieces that should be in any summer wardrobe, like pretty florals and the perfect white top, but there are others that I’m expecting to become huge trends in 2018—including one of the season’s biggest silhouettes and the skirt that’ll be on your Instagram feed all summer long. Ahead shop 10 key pieces to wear this summer and see how fashion girls are wearing them.

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