The Bag Guaranteed to Sell Out Immediately

Kristen Nichols

Collage Vintage

If you like to travel and want to do it in style, you’ll need to take a look at brand-new luggage from Away. Known for its cool suitcases with modern touches like ejectable batteries for portable device charging, Away just launched a sleek new line of Aluminium Edition bags. And we have a feeling these are going to sell out immediately.

The aluminium style with a silver finish has long been a fashion-girl favourite, and the new versions from Away are already popping up in our Instagram feeds. While other brands make them, these are much more affordable, coming in at around half the cost of their competitors. The exterior is meant to show marks and wear over years of flights and road trips as a reminder of the places you’ve travelled with it. The suitcase comes in four different sizes—shop each of them here before they sell out.

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