I'm 5 Months Pregnant, and I Refuse to Buy Maternity Clothes

“Oh my god: There are two lines on this pregnancy test,” was where it all started. It was the end of August, and I was wondering why I didn’t feel like laying out by the pool in my brand-new Hunza G suit and why I was suddenly falling asleep at 3 p.m. every single day. The answer, apparently? I was pregnant. And while the life-altering revelation gave me a rush of excitement, in a split second, the excitement was replaced with a thousand questions…

Is it a boy or a girl? When am I supposed to make my first doctor appointment? And probably lowest on the totem pole but just as important: How am I going to dress now? It may sound trivial, but it goes without saying that style has always been a part of what makes me me, and the thought of having to alter that scared me more than the thought of changing diapers at 4 a.m. How long until my favorite jeans don’t fit anymore? What do you mean I can’t wear that chic new black belt I just bought?

There’s an idea that when a woman becomes pregnant or has a baby that all other things that mattered to her falls to the wayside and are supplanted instead by baby needs. While by no means am I trying to debate that, I also know that my signature blazer and cropped, flared skinnies aren’t going to be automatically replaced with black leggings and mom jeans.

I’m about five months pregnant, and up to this point, I’ve gotten away with not buying any maternity clothes. And while the pieces at Hatch are tempting, I’m sticking to my usuals as long as I can (read: the entire nine months and beyond). Jeans are slowly being put on pause now that my belly is actually growing, so I’m finding myself shopping for pieces I know I’ll wear after the pregnancy too.

From the actual clothes I’m buying to the one machine that’s been my saving grace during the pregnancy (and will be my guardian angel when the baby is born), here’s what I’m stocking up on right now.

The Power Player

I can’t really do much if my clothes aren’t properly taken care of, so this washer was one of the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant. Not only will I be able to care for my clothes when wine spills turn into milk stains, but I’ll be able to toss the baby’s onesies in there before the big day. This machine sanitizes clothes, too, which is ideal for all of her multiple outfit changes, but the large-capacity drum is also a win for washing all the new baby-shower clothes and blankets in bulk. It doesn’t get more new mom–friendly than that.


While you can find me in jeans most of the time, this is the one thing about my style I’m altering during the pregnancy. I’m using this as an opportunity to explore more dress styles and expand my wardrobe horizons as the buttons on my jeans grow farther and farther from one another.


Coats and other third pieces have been the perfect piece to layering up when I’m wearing an outfit that doesn’t feel too stellar or fashion forward. The minute I pull the piece on, I instantly feel more like myself. It doesn’t hurt too that if I spill anything on them, I can toss them in my LG washer without worrying about damaging the fabric.


Cozy, warm, chic: Do I really need to explain? I’m lucky to be pregnant during the winter when I can opt for pieces that stretch with me and will work post-pregnancy. For those cold L.A. nights, I’ll be wearing these with silk skirts or layered over a dress for an outfit that still feels like me.


Why wouldn’t I take this opportunity to buy the one thing that won’t be affected by my growing body? I’m a sucker for white shoes, so I’ve picked up a few pairs along with some more comfortable options for those days when I’m a little more swollen than usual.