Hair Accessory Trends You Can Wear at Any Age

As a 30-something fashion editor, I thought my days of scrunchies, butterfly clips, and thick headbands were well and truly behind me—banished to a dark corner of my closet alongside my illegally short high school skirt and blazer. That was until about a month ago when the resurgence of the '80s scrunchie seen all over the runways and in the strands of my favorite fashion influencers impelled me to purchase a pretty pastel pink one. Fellow fashion editor and friend Ally Payer also twisted my arm after she took the trend for a spin. And while it's certainly not a regular attendee at work, it does happen to look super cute when thrown up in a high bun on the weekend.

The Insta set has inevitably been putting trendy hair accessories on the fashion map too—tying silk scarves as headbands, fastening their ponytails with ribbons and french barrettes, and sweeping bangs back with metallic slides. Hair accessories that unquestionably look chic at every age. Ready to be inspired? Scroll below for the biggest hair accessory trends and how to wear them.


Claw Clips

Hair Slides 

Silk Scarves

Hair Clips