Cool Hair Accessories That Put Basic Bobby Pins to Shame

Hilary George-Parkin

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If your idea of cool hair accessories is the black Goody elastics that never leave your right wrist, we're here to help you expand your horizons. While jewellery may get all the glory when it comes to the shiny bits and bobs we adorn ourselves with, a well-chosen barrette, headband, or hairpin can make even the most basic ponytail look runway-worthy.

The best ones you can buy right now are a far cry from the glittery butterfly clips and pink scrunchies you probably wore back in grade school—although, both are seeing a renaissance among the cool teens of Instagram. Instead, you'll find sculptural gold and silver clips by designers like Charlotte Chesnais, velvet hair ties studded with faux pearls, and delicate crystal headbands.

Click through the gallery below to shop hair accessories that will make even the simplest style look impressive.


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