If Your Instagram Feed Is Feeling Same-Same, Follow These Fresh Accounts

Stephanie Squadrito

It's no secret that for most people in 2018, Instagram is their first port of call for style inspiration. We're constantly spotting new trends, discovering new brands and sharing our own outfits on the platform, but after a while things can get a little stale. If you feel like you're seeing the same style over and over again, it might be time to go on a following spree. 

This August we're dedicated to celebrating originality, so here we're spotlighting the Australian fashion girls who are bringing something unique to Instagram. Each one of the below accounts has less than 10k followers (so chances are you don't already follow them all) and has a truly original take on dressing. Some treat Instagram more as a mood board, while others focus on their #OOTD, but all are equally inspiring. Read on to spy the ten accounts we're currently double-tapping. 


Simonette is a blogger based in Geelong with classic style. Follow her for office outfit inspiration, and a sunny outdoor aesthetic. 


Danielle Kate catalogues the outfit details that really make an outfit sing—like this waist belt or the perfect way to tuck a shirt. 




Nyaluak Leth is a South Sudanese-Australian model with amazing, original style. She's not afraid to put together a stand-out outfit, and doesn't mind dancing in it either. 




We've featured Ella Jane before, but we keep coming back to her Instagram. The Tomboy content creator makes everything look truly effortless, whether that's a bucket hat or a silk slip. 


As the online editor at Par Femme, Betsy's Instagram is more about a vibe than actual outfits, but it serves just as much style inspiration. 


Based in Sydney, Shannon Serrao is a content creator and photographer with undoubtedly cool style. She manages to make trends look her own, not to mention that haircut is what we all want right now.




Holly is a talented street style photographer, and although she's constantly taking photos of other people's outfits, her own style is pretty enviable, too. 


Rosalie's Instagram is a moodboard of her home and lifestyle, but it's these outfit detail shots we keep adding to our saved collections. 


As a content creator, artist and founder of beauty brand Soel Walker, Nikki's outfit photography is really a work of art. 


Raenee is a young model who manages to make even the simplest of pieces look effortless. Follow her for a glimpse into her stylish life, where everything feels unique. 

Opening image credit: @dangsnazzy

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