Cool Girls Love This Under-the-Radar Shopping Site

by Natalie Cantell

There's something misleading about the idea of "not caring about trends." It suggests you're either totally tuned out of the fashion conversation—getting dressed each morning in a mirrorless room and waiting in line at CVS without glancing at the magazine covers—or donning a 10-inch corsage with a Carrie Bradshaw–like determination to make your own outlandish fashion statement.

I'd argue it's neither of these, and it's not about ignoring trends at all: It's more like a casual shrug-off of whatever you're not into as the "new" and "cool" gets offered up each season. I mean, geez, maybe you still really dig what was in last season! Maybe even though everyone else has moved on to slingbacks for spring, you're still obsessed with finding those floral Balenciaga boots in your size. As the legendary Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele put it, style doesn't have a season: "Nothing is démodé when it's a great piece."

Speaking of like-minded people, I caught up with Lainy Hedaya (New York–based creative director, founder of Haute Inhabit, and a personal style crush) to talk about the "To hell with what they tell me to wear!" sartorial philosophy she lives and breathes. Considering Harper's Bazaar once described her as "that rare fashion blogger who seems impervious to trends," she's uniquely qualified to speak to the subject.

I refrained from asking her how she gets her hair so shiny and instead concentrated on the big issues: Are trends just inherently stupid? Do her outfits have soundtracks like mine do? And, most importantly, where does she shop? (Spoiler: Like all the cool kids, she told us she hunts down her fashion treasures from whatever season over on YOOX.)

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