The Cool Fashion Brands I'm Stalking Now

Kristen Nichols

I used to be a pretty big IRL shopper. I would comb the department stores and small boutiques in hopes of discovering a cool new piece that I just had to have in my closet. And, often, I would also uncover on-the-rise brands that I had never heard of before. These days, though, I’m doing less and less shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, my method of discovering cool fashion brands has been Instagram.

What’s interesting to me about this way of finding new design talents is that the brands come from all over the world, and often, they’re small labels that probably wouldn’t be on my radar otherwise. Ahead, I’m breaking down some of the cool up-and-coming fashion brands I learned about through some Instagram deep dives—and yes, I want to add pieces from each of these cool brands to my wardrobe.

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