This Effortless Outfit Combo Is Already Everywhere

Allyson Payer

As we do, we've been thoroughly studying the latest and greatest street style in search of easy outfit ideas, and we're happy to report that our research paid off. Among the slew of cool outfits that fashion girls have been wearing, there's one combo that's emerged as a clear favourite, and it only requires three pieces: a statement top, jeans, and closed-toe heels.

You're probably thinking jeans and a top… groundbreaking, but we believe the popularity of this outfit formula is, in fact, of significance. The reason? Although the classic combo of jeans, a top, and heels will never die, in recent years, the fashion crowd has been (and still is) trying more unexpected outfits on for size. But with the popularity of the statement top trend as of late, it seems that stylish women have come to realise that the best way to rock them is to not overcomplicate things and simply put on a pair of jeans and heels, just as the women below did.

Read on to see the three-piece outfit combo that's already everywhere in action, and shop the pieces you need to create it.

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