The "Ugly" Colour-Pairing Trick Even Minimalists Will Love

Hilary George-Parkin


If I'm ever in need of some outfit inspiration, one of the first places I turn is Haley Boyd's Instagram feed. She's the designer of It shoe label Marais, so it's no surprise that the L.A.-based professional has a supremely enviable footwear collection, but beyond that, her easy, vintagey style has an approachable appeal.

This past week, one look in particular stood out: a knit skirt and matching sweater in a warm rust brown, paired with an aquamarine clutch and coordinating stucco wall (yes, I'm counting the wall as an accessory—just work with me here). Now, brown is decidedly not my favourite colour, but in this context, it took on a whole new charm. The muted shade was sophisticated and flattering, pairing perfectly with the autumn-esque blue-green colour of Boyd's surroundings and handbag.

Now, all that's left is to try the look at home—and to do so, I've been trolling the web for the best pinkish-brown and pale teal pieces to style together.

Read on to shop our top picks.

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