3 Colours to Ditch to Be More Stylish

Allyson Payer

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Given that we're about to enter into the really cold days of autumn, you're probably ready to add some colour into your life (we know we are). But as you know, colours go in and out of style, perhaps even more frequently than other types of trends.

Since wearing colours that are a bit passé can ultimately put a damper on your otherwise of-the-moment look, we opted to consult an expert on the subject of what colours to stop wearing to be more stylish. Melissa Moylan, creative director of womenswear at trend forecasting company Fashion Snoops (in other words, the guru on all things trend-related), was quick to fill us in on three colours that it's time to ditch—at least for now—if you want to be more stylish. (Of course, if you're totally into these hues, by all means, continue to wear them.) Intrigued? 

Read on to find out which trends to stop wearing this season, and which to wear instead (in the form of street style inspiration and shopping, naturally)!

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