5 Colors to Wear With Gold Jewelry

Certain jewelry pieces are just harder to style than others. Silver earrings, for example, will pair well with everything, whereas statement crystal ones aren't quite as easy to wear. Gold baubles fall in between these two; they're still a classic metal, and thus a tad bit simpler to work into your look. But certain hues just don't work with it—the struggle, right?

So which shades go with gold jewelry? To find that out, we tapped celebrity stylist Britt Theodora for her expert know-how, asking her to pick the five colors she thinks pair best with the gold metallic. And to say she picked some truly incredible hues would be an understatement. From the most unexpected pairing (gold with emerald) to slightly easier ones (black with gold), Theodora's covered it all.

Ahead, the top five colors that go with gold jewelry so you'll never have to stress about whether your gold hoops coordinate with your red shirt (because yes, they do).