I'm Losing It Over These 7 Outfits That Make Wearing Black Look Non-Boring

You've probably heard people say self-deprecating things about only wearing black. It's an easy outfit to put together, so naturally, people sometimes think of it as a cop-out. After living in New York for a few years, I've often found myself donning the uniform of a black LBD and leather jacket on a night out. But the real way to take a hold of the minimalist's favorite color is to style it up with some color. 

You can't feel bad about wearing black when the color scheme you style it around happens to be so on-trend. Wondering where to begin? Below, you'll find that I have looked at the feeds of my favorite fashion people on Instagram, and after seeing how they style the color black, you'll be dying to copy at least one of their outfits. Enjoy.

1. Black + Blue

I'll go first. Wearing black and blue used to be the biggest fashion faux pas. However, after seeing it all over the Miu Miu runway last season, I had to give it a try. I'll never hate on this color combo again.


I wore this exact shirt with my micro-skirt, and I think I need it in white now.

2. Black + Purple



I used to think that wearing purple and black together was giving off Halloween vibes, but I stand corrected. The punchy color looks best when paired with black, and I love how this look is accesorized. 


This dress will be in your closet for life.

Take a risk and try out these tights.

3. Black + Off-White

I love the color white, but wearing off-white takes any look to the next level. It looks so elevated, and you don't have to worry as much about pesky stains. Wearing black in summer doesn't always feel natural, but when you pair it with off-white, your look is guaranteed to be a winner.


We're all about sheer this season, and this top is a great way to get the look.

Everyone needs a pair of wide-leg linen pants by summer.

4. Black + Red

Black and red are a classic combination that never gets old. If you're looking to get the Audrey Hepburn look, this is how you do it. Focus on the accessories and maybe even add a red lip. 

This halter-neck silhouette will be huge this summer.

5. Black + Pink

Pink is yet another color that was made for wearing with black. You really can't go wrong when styling these much-loved colors together. While I love wearing pink on pink during the day, pink and black make for such a great evening look.

6. Black + Green



If you've been keeping up with the fashion people, you know how much they love this bright shade of green when it's paired with black. You'll feel like you're entering the metaverse when you wear it.


You have to see the embelished buttons up close.

You're going to wear these shorts all summer long.

7. Black + Tan

You're probably familiar with the elevated minimalist designer brands whose runway collections are known for giving off the effortless vibe we're all going for. This color combination is regularly in rotation. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen would approve.

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