Not Big on Traditional Bridal Gowns? Try These Colourful Wedding Dresses Instead

Sabrina Paparella

Tradition encourages the idea of the bride dressed in white, but there are plenty of reasons to opt for a colourful pick instead. To begin, you get to choose from a wider range of options without being tied down strictly to bridal gowns. This also means you'll be able to find more choices within your price range. Colourful wedding gowns don't look like your usual bridal wear, making them a more versatile option. If you've always bemoaned the idea of spending a hefty sum on a dress you'll only wear once, a colourful wedding dress is an option you can use at any other formal occasion that may crop up. For the soon-to-be bride looking to break away from tradition, we're rounding up a collection of our favourite colourful wedding dresses. Keep reading for our picks that provide a more vivid way to celebrate your nuptials.

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