Here's What Coachella Style Looks Like in 2018

Aemilia Madden

Coachella marks the official beginning of festival season, and with that means our first glimpses of the trends we can expect to see for months to come. It may be hot in the Indio valley, but that hasn't stopped music fans from turning up dressed in their best. But, where a bohemian bent has always dominated festival fashion, this year things are shaping up differently.

So what trends are poised to take over this year? We're keeping an eye on what those on the ground at Coachella are wearing as they rock out in the desert. Already, we're spotting lots of streetwear (yes, including dad sneakers), lots of bold colour blocking, and cool takes on florals. Read on for the outfits inspiring us on the ground at Coachella, and keep checking back as we update throughout the weekend.

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