Coach Is Letting You Design the Bag of Your Dreams

What if we told you that you could have design control over your next bag purchase, meaning the colour, strap, accessories, and hangtags were completely up to you. The result? A one-of-kind style that no one else will have. Do we have your attention yet? Enter the newest concept by Coach, aptly called Coach Create, which is basically every DIY enthusiast's dream come true.

The design-it-yourself experience is broken up into four different offerings—accessorise it, personalise it, customise it, or made to order. Each category allows you to put your own signature spin on a bag. For example, with the customise offering, you first choose a handbag—a sort of blank canvas—which you can then "play with," just like a kid in a candy store. Pick the details—the signature tea rose, souvenir pins, or prairie rivets—the colours, and the placement of each. The options are endless, and the style will be uniquely yours. 

So if you've been meaning to invest in a new bag, we definitely suggest you test out the new (and super-fun!) Coach Create program. Trust us, you can easily spend hours on the site, testing out all the customisation options. Plus, it's practically guaranteed no one else will own the same handbag as you. You can thank us later. Now, get to designing! 

Scroll down to shop the styles offered as part of the Coach Create concept and start designing your dream bag.

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