Do I Need to Diversify My Wardrobe, or Should I Just Buy What I Like?

Allyson Payer

When it's literally your job to talk (and write) about new and under-the-radar brands, you'd think that your closet would be a reflection of that, right? That's the exact question I recently asked myself upon realising how big a presence a handful of brands have in my closet. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, but should the same be said for my wardrobe? Or should I just stick to the brands and styles that I know and love? More on that later.

Upon realising my lack of wardrobe diversity, I also realised the cause. Despite being a fashion girl through and through, I don't love shopping in-store. Pretty much everything I wear is purchased online, and because returns can be such a hassle, I naturally gravitate toward brands and styles that I know will fit and look good on me and that consistently release pieces I love. Most of my brand diversity comes in the form of accessories, as there's a much smaller margin of error, size-wise. That said, when I do branch out and try a new brand or style that's outside my comfort zone and it works, it's oftentimes not the last piece I buy from that brand.

Curious as to where other fashion girls stand on the subject of wardrobe diversity, I tapped our insider Facebook group (have you joined yet?) for community input and was met with incredible insight about others' shopping habits, a few of which I've highlighted below. The general consensus seems to be that it's all about balance and that sticking to your go-to brands for basics while mixing in special pieces from a variety of other labels is key.

I have no desire to take a break from my Tibi, Ganni, Levi's, Reformation, Pixie Market, Re/Done, or Zara shopping tendencies anytime soon, but I have decided to make a conscious effort to also take a chance on other brands and styles a little more often—and I'm guessing more than a few of them could end up earning a spot on my list of favourites. I'd be happy to start with any of the pieces below.

The verdict: Wear what you love, but think outside the box from time to time. You only live once.

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