3 Outdated Items I Just Purged From My Closet

I, like many of you, have taken it upon myself to do use this extra time spent at home to audit my wardrobe and decide once and for all what stays and what goes. Okay, maybe not once and for all—it's a practice I inevitably have to repeat every few months—so since I'm officially transitioning into summer mode, I figured it was time to do another closet cleanout and put my heaviest pieces in the back of my closet, dust off my breezy tops and dresses, and purge some items that now feel irrelevant to me, given the current lifestyle and the current season.

With that, I've pinpointed three pieces, in particular, that no longer feel like they're the most stylish option. From tops to dresses to pants, there's a specific style I'm purging from each category and I won't lie, it's because I'm looking to fill that new space with some pretty (and pretty affordable) pieces from our very own Who What Wear line. Yep, our line is stocking many of the easy and summery silhouettes my wardrobe is craving right now.

Since sharing is what I do best, I figured I'd go ahead and highlight the exact three things I'm getting rid of and the new pieces I'm eyeing to add to my closet, so with that, keep reading to read about my latest wardrobe refresh to hopefully inspire your own.

Purging: Complicated Tops

Adding: Throw-On Tops

There was a point where the only tops I shopped for where complicated statement tops that required specific bras or only went with one or two other items. For obvious reasons, those feel irrelevant to me now since I'm craving anything that's easy to throw on and, well, brainless. From comfy ribbed tops to flowy cotton shirts, I'm eyeing the below to wear with bike shorts now and then dress up with jeans and skirts later.

I love a top that does all the hard work for you.

For when you're bored of all your basic tanks.

Ribbing is my favorite top trend at the moment and it's also one of the most comfortable.

Purging: Body-Con Dresses

Adding: Billowy Dresses

Tight-fitting dresses have felt irrelevant to me for several years now, so I knew that these ones had to go and I've been eyeing several billowy frocks to take their place. The loose, tiered shape feels so current, and—not to mention—comfortable. I have a feeling these easy dresses will earn a spot in my closet for a long time since they couldn't be any easier to wear.

Nothing gets me in a summer mood more than classic gingham.

House dresses are a thing, and they're all I want to wear.

Purging: Skinny Jeans

Adding: Easy Trousers

Sensing a theme here? Again, I'm ready to purge anything restricting from my closet and that includes skinny jeans, too. No matter how you feel about the classic denim, there's no denying that looser trouser shapes are the reigning silhouette as far as jeans and pants go. I plan on wearing them per the below outfit with a basic tee and heels for a simple but sophisticated vibe.

Polka dots are trending, but the classic print has serious staying power.

These utility-inspired pants come in a lovely burnt sienna shade, too.

Trust me—this material is buttery soft and silky in person.

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