5 Trends That Will Still Be Relevant in 6 Months, a Year, and 5 Years

Anna LaPlaca

For those with classic style and an eye for more timeless pieces, I wouldn't be surprised if you felt a bit discouraged lately. This season, fashion is catering a lot more to a maximalist aesthetic, and it only takes a quick peek at the latest trends from the A/W 18 runways to see that. But before you write off all the current styles as "not your thing," we're here to prove that there's an entire trend category with your name written all over it.

From relaxed suiting to ladylike handbags and all shades of earthy tones, certain designers took a collective pause and decided to get more grounded in their approaches. Amidst all the trend whiplash we're feeling, the fact that these more timeless styles are emerging as "trends" at all should be celebrated—not all trends have to come and go so quickly! We've broken down five key trends that are inherently timeless yet somehow feel perfectly suited to the current moment.

We felt the need to take it one step farther, though, and point out specific buys and our estimated life span for each. From the pieces that will serve you for over five years to the ones that are fun to show off for a the next few months, keep reading to see and shop our breakdown of the best trends for classic style.

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