The Outfit Formula Chrissy Teigen Wears on Repeat

Dacy Knight

Chrissy Teigen can always be counted on to step out putting her best foot forward. Her off-duty look is impeccably put together, showcasing in heavy rotation a string of designers we adore. While we've rarely seen her reuse a piece on repeat—and can only imagine the square footage of her covetable closet—she does follow a strict outfit formula when it comes to casual style.

Teigen's off-duty outfit formula is a combination of her signature fail-safe pieces. The first piece is a cutout top. It can be off the shoulder or have revealing lace or sheer element, but there's always something that shows off a little skin while still staying sophisticated. When she dons outerwear, it's almost always a floor-length duster (her travel-day favourite). Next are skinny jeans, her go-to denim silhouette. Finally, though there's been one notable occasion where Teigen stepped out in sneakers; every other time she hits the street it's in heels.

See below for Chrissy Teigen's off-duty outfit formula in action.

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