Is This Forgotten Top Trend Making a Comeback?

Dacy Knight

Certain silhouettes make their way onto the fashion scene but don't prove their staying power and are quickly forgotten. The high-low top is one such trend, that had its moment before becoming one of the pieces you likely have stowed away in the back of your closet. Well it may be time to pull it out again, as Chrissy Teigen just demonstrated the statement style still looks as fresh as ever in one of the most dramatic iterations of the high-low top we've ever seen.

One of Teigen's signature pieces is the to-the-floor duster jacket, and she brought the same floor-length sensibilities to her take on the high-low top. Paired with jean cutoffs and suede knee-highs, Teigen's crisp high-low button-down boasted billowing sleeves, a cropped front tied at the waist, and a long cape-like train. If the high-low trend is back, this look certainly proves its moving in an even bolder direction.

Keep scrolling to see how Chrissy Teigen styles the high-low top and shop similar button-down styles below.

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