When an American Travels to Paris, This Is How She Does French Style

Kristen Nichols

Parisian style is the stuff of legend. We at Who What Wear often focus on French style (this editor in particular, I’ll admit), but what makes it so interesting and cool is sometimes hard to pin down. Let’s call it that je ne sais quoi. But there’s another iteration of French style that’s equally fascinating—how Americans dress when travelling to Paris and how the influence of the city and its stylish inhabitants impacts their style. Since it’s Paris Fashion Week at the moment, we’re seeing plenty of examples of what this means—and we’re diving into the subject with power influencer Chriselle Lim.

While getting ready for the Dior show, Lim shot some exclusive photos for Who What Wear, and her outfit struck the perfect balance between American and French style. She exhibits a blend of her L.A. casual-cool sensibility with the effortlessness of Parisian style. It doesn’t take long to see how she is a master at seamlessly blending the two. Hear all about her insight about Paris Fashion Week and French-inspired style in our chat below. Plus she reveals her insider’s guide to Paris, beauty product must-haves, and her ultimate photogenic tricks.

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