Under $100: 13 Chokers That Will Overhaul Your Look

Amanda Bardas

Have we reached peak choker obsession? At the start of this year, all signs pointed to yes (because it had already been a year-long love affair since we started wearing them), but now it’s quite clear that the obsession shows no signs of slowing down. The choker has become more than just an It-accessory, and is now a jewellery box staple. With so many different options—from leather, to metal, to jewels, and fabric—it’s obvious why everyone is obsessed.

Let's dissect the obsession. Kendall and Gigi rarely step out without one (their favourite choker is by an Australian designer), Kim Kardashian recently declared she hopes the trend will never end, and we’ve spotted virtually every celeb wearing one this year, so we made it our mission to track down the most original chokers we could find, all for under $100—because you don’t need to spend a fortune to update your look.

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