INF / Network: Meet Chloe Hill

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It’s time to meet… Chloe Hill. Stylist and blogger at Chloe Chill.


Chloe Chill

The schlepping! Eighty percent of my job is totally not glamorous. Running around PR showrooms and stores pulling clothes, and then returning them all right after the shoot is actually very physical and exhausting work. Let’s just say I don’t look very pulled together after a day of styling!

Sassy hoop earrings always give me that extra bit of attitude. Add a bold pair of heels and I’m ready for anything.

Get a good night sleep… Exhaustion is usually the biggest culprit when I’m losing motivation or feeling uninspired.

I have breakfast and a cup of green tea as soon as I get up (and scroll through social media while I eat, of course), then head to Pilates or go for a walk to wake me up. If I’ve been shooting during the day I find it hard to switch off and sleep, so at night I spend some time reading to take my mind off the day.

Dress for yourself and no one else.


Anything velvet or pink. I just found an amazing velvet Acne dress on The Real Real which I can’t get enough off.

Working with cool models, dressing them up in amazing clothes and shooting at beautiful locations.

Spending the next six months working around Europe! I’m off to Athens, Rome, Berlin, and Paris so stay tuned...

People in the fashion industry are kind and inclusive.

The industry lives up to its reputation and people aren’t kind.

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