My Easy Styling Trick for Looking Chic to Death

Anna LaPlaca

Whenever I find myself zapped for outfit inspiration, I do one of two things. I either turn immediately to my wardrobe basics (I firmly believe everyone should own these 10 pieces), or I turn to one incredibly simple but incredibly chic styling trick that works like a charm. Tonal dressing—executing your outfit from head-to-toe in a singular colour—is, to me, the easiest way to achieve a crazy-chic look.

Monochrome outfits are clearly nothing new. All-white remains a classic for summer, and all-black just seems right for about any occasion. But the monochrome outfits I'm getting inspired by at the moment nail the summer's bold colour trend. Though you might not immediately think to dress in full shades of sunny yellow, bright red, or lime green, these cool tonal looks are about to change your mind. See how I styled my summertime monochrome fit, and let the rest of these looks inspire you to do the same.

Now you're ready to try out my super-simple styling trick.

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