Small, Affordable Updates You Can Make to Your Living Space to Match Your Style

I often find myself looking around my living space and wondering why there's an empty spot on my bookshelf, or I'll zero in on a random corner in my living room and start getting ideas about how to revamp the space. You can call me meticulous, but I truly believe all aspects of your life should reflect your style.

Spring is a fantastic time to clear out the junk from both your wardrobe and your home and start incorporating items that speak to your style. Is all white your thing? Consider decorating with a neutral color palette while you hang out in a crisp white dress. Need a little more color? There are so many to pick from, especially when you're shopping at Walmart. I found on-trend, affordable, and seriously chic home and wardrobe additions, and I'm kind of mad at myself for not picking up some of these pieces sooner. I tapped fashion influencers Rahel BrhaneAsia Jackson, and Elisamar Rosado to show me how they're bringing their personal styles into their living spaces this year with small updates that pack a punch. I'm pretty obsessed with these looks, and I think you will be, too.


How would you describe your décor style? Have you always had the same style, or is it inspired by your current living space? How does it relate to your fashion style?

I love to decorate my place with elevated modern and vintage pieces that add texture and layers to my home. This has always been my favorite way to style my space and even my outfits! I love to mix different styles and make them my own.

How often do you refresh your space with new décor?

I would say I change it up in mood swings. Whenever I feel like I need a change, I get back to creating a décor mood board and browse the internet for trends.

Do you have any specific tips for keeping your space organized?

It's so important to focus on details in your home in order to give your space a clean and well-organized look. Hiding TV cords and adding prints to empty walls are helpful to get that look.

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Asia Jackson

How would you describe your décor style? Have you always had the same style, or is it inspired by your current living space? How does it relate to your fashion style?

I would describe my décor style as minimalistic, but make it homey. I love clean lines and aesthetics, so I'm really drawn to minimalistic Japandi and modern organic styles. I love using bold accents like gold detailing and baroque-inspired pieces to make the space more personal and less boring. I'd definitely say this reflects my personal fashion style because I love clean and minimalistic silhouettes, and I love accessorizing with big gold jewelry!

How often do you refresh your space with new décor?

I don't love incorporating stereotypically seasonal items that are too on the nose, like pumpkins for fall and beach-inspired pieces for summer. I do like to refresh each season, but I do it inconspicuously. I'll decorate with flowers that are in season, switch out pillows and linens with colors that match the season, change the wall art—things like that.

Is this similar to how often you refresh your wardrobe?

This is definitely similar to how often I refresh my wardrobe. I'm not a huge fan of overconsumption, so I've created my own version of a capsule wardrobe. It's not as intense as some other capsules, but I've edited my wardrobe down a lot over the past few years. I only go shopping around four or five times a year, which is about once per season, just to fill in gaps and refresh. Like my home décor, there are select basics and essentials that I use throughout the year, but I shop for pieces for specific seasons like sandals and sun hats for summer, casual dresses for spring, and so on.

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Tell me about your home. How long have you lived there? What do you love about it?

I am one of those people who think that your house is your oasis and your happy place. At home, we combine a lot of soft fabrics like linen, neutral colors like cream and brown, and touches of rustic wood, which make me feel close to nature. We also have vases from India with many years of life and many other pieces that tell a story. I've lived in my house for five years, and one of the things I love the most is that it's an open concept, so we're connected all the time as a family.

Do you have any tips for decorating a home on a budget?

Something that I love to use to decorate when I'm on a budget is wallpaper. It can give any space a very chic touch. I love lamps as well, and you can find them at affordable prices. Another thing that I find incredibly beautiful is to change the paint in the house. You can paint a room all white or your bedroom or office a dark gray with gold or wood accents! It will look amazing with just a few cans of paint.

How can you make a space look elevated?

Beautiful curtains with good fabric and curtain rods make any space look sophisticated and elevated. They haven't failed me.

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