Sound the Alarms: These Are the Cheapest Designer Bags From Every Major Brand

cheapest designer bags

Chances are, if you’re anything like us, you’ve lusted after a designer bag at one point or another (okay, probably a lot more than that). And while getting your favorite label’s most iconic bag may seem like a pipe dream, the cheapest designer bags may be within reach—or at the very least, a little more attainable for your budget.

It goes without saying that adding a stylish, well-made bag to your wardrobe can put a dent into your bank account—let alone one from a major brand name in the industry. However, it doesn’t have to be quite the strain on your wallet as you might expect. In fact, if you’re ready to add a small piece of luxury into your wardrobe, there are some styles that might fall within your price range.

Whether it’s a version of the It-girl–approved Dior Saddle Bag or something to take on the micro bag trend, scroll down to see the cheapest bags from your favorite fashion houses below. While you’re at it, be sure to bookmark your favorite for when you’re ready to splurge.



This cool, vintage-inspired Celine bag is all that you need.


For those days when you need to schlep around a ton of stuff. 

cheapest designer bags




It girls can't stop wearing their Saddle Bags, and you won't be able to, either.

Add this to your ensemble for a pop of color.


You won't can't go wrong with this classic style.

We're still not over the micro-bag trend.

cheapest designer bags


Love the logomania look? Get this bag from Gucci, stat.

If you want one of the brand's timeless quilted options, this one is available for under $1500.

Louis Vuitton

Trust us, you won't get tired of this bag. 

cheapest designer bags



Miu Miu

This will hold all of your night-out necessities.

best prada bags




A simple bag like this is essential for days when you're out running errands.

Saint Laurent

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