35 Under-$30 Barrettes (Because They Shouldn't Cost as Much as a Haircut)

I am an avowed vintage shopper and bargain hunter who cringes at the thought of buying anything full price, but even I will admit that there are some things you just shouldn't cheap out on. After many hard-learned lessons (that ended with me in tears on my bathroom floor), I can tell you, for instance, that the experts are right: You shouldn't bleach your hair at home, try to cut your own French-girl bangs, or give yourself The Rachel.* For almost all things hair-related, you should consult a professional and expect to part with at least $75 with tip (or a lot more, if you want it colored too).

That doesn't mean I want to part with $100+ dollars for the accessories I put in my hair post–wallet-emptying salon visit, however. (I spend enough on shampoo and conditioner as it is.) I admire the many $$$ barrettes and clips I see as I scroll through Instagram, but given the proliferation of affordable options on offer all over the internet, there's no reason to shell out that kind of money. Especially if you're not totally sure you're a "barrette girl." For this reason, scroll on for 35 under-$20 barrettes I've got sitting in my virtual carts, plus useful styling tips and shopping tricks that'll ensure that you actually wear them.

*No shade on affordable haircuts; it's just that the last time my mom paid $20 for one of my haircuts, I ended up with crooked bangs, hair that was unintentionally two inches longer on the left side, and one seriously avant-garde fourth-grade yearbook photo.

Style Notes: Rachel Nosco of Aesthetics Anonymous knows you can find pretty great (and pretty affordable) barrettes on Amazon. Also, when you go for one of the bigger styles, wearing it right over your ear keeps it more low-key than perching it further up on your head.

Style Notes: Another tip for making bigger barrettes wearable? Buying them in a neutral shade that's close to your own hair color.

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Style Notes: While the color is out there (in the best way possible), this barrette is fairly small and low-profile, meaning you just might forget it's there. Related tip: When you're shopping, you're going to want to see a snap of the product in question actually on someone's head for scale.

Style Tip: Your barrette of choice doesn't have to do all the heavy lifting to keep your hairstyle in place. It's fine to keep them purely ornamental.


Farrow Jocelin Mini Hair Clip ($14)

How's this cute lil mini for a winning finishing touch?

Topshop Curved Rhinestone Hair Clips ($18)

Right on trend (and going right in my cart).

Wild Fable Translucent Bar Barrette ($6)

A little midweek boost, perhaps?

Free People BFF Slide Set ($12)

These Free People clips are so sleek and subtle.

France Luxe Retro Cutout Tige Boule Barrette ($20)

There's something about this unique shape and finish that's got me intrigued.

Urban Outfitters Rhinestone Flip Hair Clip Set ($12)

They're like the ones I wore in said fourth-grade photo, only all grown up and blinged out.

Girl With Pearls Lil Madonna Barrette ($8)

You can't help but stop dead-scroll when you come across London-based brand Girl With Pearls on your Instagram feed. (Note that prices are converted from pounds.)

8 Other Reasons Shimmy Glitter Hair Clip ($28)

This glittery pick comes in several different colors (all recommended).

Free People Bay Side Slide Set ($12)

Shells are another It motif, and they're even better in barrette form.

ASOS Design Snap Clip Set ($10)

These metallic sky-blue stunners would look super cute in your next ambitious hairdo.

Urban Outfitters Beaded Hair Pin Set ($12)

In case bolder styles aren't quite your speed.

ASOS Design Tiger-Print Hair Clip Set ($10)

Animal prints are most definitely still a thing, and this is an easy way to dip your toe in the trend without going full-on tiger lady.

& Other Stories Two-Pack Hairpins ($9)

& Other Stories continues its excellent accessories streak with this barrette set.

Free People Under the Stars Slide Set ($20)

Wear with equally on-trend cowboy boots for instant "Rhinestone Cowgirl" vibes.

Valet Studio Lulu Beaded Barrette ($30)

There's a reason editors and Instagram influencers alike are all over Valet Studio designs.

Free People Metallic Salon Slide Set ($12)

To add royal edge to your everyday hairstyle.

Tasha Twinkle Star Hair Clips ($16)

Sorry in advance, but these are making me starry-eyed.

Forever 21 Heart Hair Clip ($3)

Valentine's Day may be over, but this accessory is still a winner.

Zara Multicolored Hair Clip Set ($6)

Add a tropical touch to your midwinter looks.

Free People Acrylic Slide Set ($12)

The season's It accessory rendered in the season's It hue.

H&M 6-Pack Hair Clips ($4)

An easy way to inject a little fun into a going-out look.

Anthropologie Lena Oval Hair Clip Set ($18)

Another understated pick for the minimalists among us.

Claire's Mixed Pearl Hair Barrette ( $8 ) ($4)

From your favorite fourth-grade retailer, no less.

A New Day 6-Piece Hair Barrette Set ($8)

An easy way to add polish to your usual lazy-girl hairstyle.

Farrow Genevieve Hair Clip ($14)

This marbled acrylic pick is so chic.

France Luxe Oblong Tige Boule Barrette ($19)

Because the checkerboard trend continues its reign.

Farrow Adella Shell Hair Clip ($18)

We've never seen a shell clip we haven't lusted after.

Pixie Market Double Pearl Barrettes1 ($16)

A less-prim way to wear the pearl trend.

QtGirl 48-Piece Hair Clip Set ($10)

A best seller from Amazon that’s also available in glitter form.

Luxxi Clear Rhinestone Hair Clip ($8)

Another affordable hit with Amazon shoppers (myself included).

Farrow Renée Hair Clip ($18)

Very into glitter-flecked offerings.

Girl With Pearls Queen Margot Clip ($13)

Currently heading to checkout with this cheery Girl With Pearls pick.

Machete Circle Clip in Noir Tortoise ($9)

A subtle nod to the cow-print trend.

J.Crew Oval Barrette ($17)

Tortoiseshell details are another trend we've collectively taken into 2019.

Machete Slim Clip in Flamenco ($18)

Another marbled masterpiece from Machete.

Next up, 25 picks the coolest Scandi brands are pushing for winter.

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