We All Need The Chanel Cruise Campaign, Because Tuesday

Gina Marinelli

We’ve seen our fair share of Tuesdays and can attest to the fact that they’re all just a little rough to navigate. No matter how much you like your job, your coffee, or your social life, it’s almost as far from the weekend you can get, and so a little extra boost of energy is always needed. Enter: Karl Lagerfeld and the latest Chanel cruise collection campaign.

Last we saw these designs they—and many of fashion’s elite—we’re parading around Havana in May. Cuba, of course, was the bright, bold background of the runway show, as well as the main inspiration for pieces in the resort collection itself. Now in the newly released, Lagerfeld-lens images, we’re reminded again of the colourful aesthetic, effortless styling combinations, and classic Chanel pieces that have been reimagined with more flare though fringe, beading, and tropical prints and accented with scarves and Panama hats.

Truly, it's the kind of campaign that sparks wanderlust, which is just the kind of mid-day mental escape we could all use. 

Check out all the images in the resort campaign, below.

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